(Houston, TX – April 4, 2014)

Mark L. Shidler, Inc. today announced the drilling and completion of the Railroad Unit 1-R well in Jones County, Texas.

Mark L. Shidler, Inc. completed the well to a plugged back total depth of 3,900 feet in the Canyon Reef formation on 40 acre spacing.  Initial per day production from the well was 23 barrels of oil. The Railroad Unit 1-R serves as a replacement to the Railroad Unit 1 which produced over 170,000 barrels of oil in 20 years before develeping irreparable casing issues in late 2013.


About Mark L. Shidler, Inc. Founded in 1978, Mark L. Shidler, Inc. is a privately held oil and gas exploration and production company based in Houston, Texas. The company has grown to include operations in five states. The company's primary corporate objectives are the acquisition, management and optimization of long life proved developed producing oil and gas reserves.For more information, contact Mark L. Shidler, Inc. at 713-222-9291 or visit www.marklshidlerinc.com.